Outlook 2007


  1. An E-mail account as already created on the Exchange Server,
  2. A wired Internet connection on campus or Vitrual Private Newtork (VPN) for non-UF network or wireless connections on campus such as “UF”. To obtain Gatorlink Anyconnect VPN Client Installation visit https://vpn.ufl.edu.

Server address:
For Exchange mailboxes: outlook.mail.ufl.edu

GatorLink Account:

This instruction requires a valid GatorLink account and password.  When the settings ask for username, please use the format ad.ufl.edu\username@ufl.edu
Step 1:
Open Outlook 2007 – Outlook 2007 Startup will open. Click Next


Step 2:
The user will then be asked if they want to configure an email account. Click Yes and then click Next. outlook2007_2

Step 3:
The user will then be prompted to add a new email account, Do not enter information in the boxes above. (Slide 1)Click “Manually Configure server settings or additional server types” This will “grey out” all the other options.(Slide 2) Click Next



Step 4:
The user will now need to select the email server. Click Microsoft Exchange and thenClick Next


Step 5:
The user will now need to enter the server settings.

Server Name: outlook.mail.ufl.edu 
-select Cached Exchange Mode
 User Name: 
-this will be different with each user type in your Gatorlink username follow by @ufl.edu (example: username@ufl.edu)
Then click Next

Step 6:
You will then get the Congratulations Prompt and you will Click Finish to log on to Exchange using Outlook 2007


Step 7:
When the user first logs onto their Outlook 2007 session they will need to specify their GatorLink username and password.

The username for any Exchange account must be specify the domain ad.ufl.edu, so the format should be ad.ufl.edu\username
This allows the account to log on to Active Directory.
Once the Password has been entered, Click OK


Step 8:
The first time the user logs unto their Outlook 2007 session they might need to specify their full name and initials

Name: Albert Gator
Initials: UF



If you had previous set up an email account before with Outlook 2007 and could not get the mail set-up wizard again please do the follow:

1. Close Outlook

2. Open Control Panel

3. Open Mail Settings

4. Click on “E-mail Accounts”

5. Click on Add

6. After you click on Add you will be shown a screen like the Step 3 of the normal setup instruction (please scroll up to finish your set-up)

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