Email configuration for Outlook 2010


  1. An E-mail account as already created on the Exchange Server,
  2. A wired Internet connection on campus or Vitrual Private Newtork (VPN) for non-UF network or wireless connections on campus such as “UF”. To obtain Gatorlink Anyconnect VPN Client Installation visit

Server address:
For Exchange mailboxes:

GatorLink Account:

This instruction requires a valid GatorLink account and password.  When the settings ask for username, please use the format\

Step 1:
Open Outlook 2010. The example here is for Windows 8. If you use another version you could search for Outlook on your computer and run it in a similar manner.


Step 2:
Outlook 2010 – “Outlook 2010 Startup” screen appears as shown below. This is the wizard. If this is not the first time you set up Outlook please scroll down to the Not First Time Setup Note.


Click “Next

Step 3:
Configure an email account.

“Account Configuration” screen appears as shown below.


Select “Yes” and then click “Next.”

Step 4:
Add a new email account.

“Add New Account” screen appears

Do not enter information in the boxes.

Select “Manually Configure server settings or additional server types” as shown below.
Other options will be disabled.


Click “Next

Step 5:
“Choose Service” screen appears as shown below.


Select “Microsoft Exchange” and then click “Next.”

Step 6:
Enter the server settings.

“Server Settings” screen appears as shown below.


Type “” in box titled “Server” for 2010 Exchange mailboxes as shown.

Ensure “Use Cached Exchange Mode” is selected.

Type in your GatorLink username  for your account in the box titled “User Name”in the following manner: (note that this is not your email address, rather it is your GatorLink username followed by

Next, Windows will then ask you for your GatorLink credential in a pop-up box to access your mailbox.


Click on “Use another account”


Enter your Gatorlink Credential in the format\ and your Password in the indicated boxes.

Click “OK
Outlook will configure your e-mail address based on your user name as shown below.


Click “Next”

Step 7:
Complete Installation

A “Congratulations” screen will appear as shown below.


Click “Finish” to log onto Outlook 2010.

Step 8:
Outlook will set up your mailbox but your mail, calendar, and contacts might not be ready right away.


Step 9:

A “Security and Settings” screen will appear as shown below.


Select the option you prefer to use.

Click “OK“.

Step 10:

An “Office Outlook” screen will appear similar to the one shown below.

new ofice window

You have successfully configured Outlook 2010.

Note for Not First Time Setup
If you had another account setup before the wizard would not open. To get to the mail setup you would have to do the following.

Addendum Step 1.  Locate Mail Setting.
On Windows 8 you could search for “mail” in the Settings category. On other Windows version you could go to Control Panel and select the “Mail” icon.


Addendum Step 2. Setup E-mail Accounts


Click on “E-mail Accounts” Button


Addendum Step 3. New E-mail Accounts

Click on the New Button

“Account Configuration” screen appears as shown below which will bring you back toStep 3 from above so you could continue with the normal set up.


[End of Addendum, please return to Step 3 from above to continue with setup instruction.]

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