Outlook Anywhere – Without VPN (RPC over HTTP)

Follow these instructions to create your mailbox for the first time using the Outlook Anywhere settings.
Step 1:
Open Outlook 2010. Click Next

01open outlook

Step 2:
Select Yes to configure a new e-mail account. Click Next.

011yes 2 email

Step 3:
Select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”
This will disable all the other options. Click Next.
1add acct outlook

Step 4:
Select Microsoft Exchange as the email server. Click Next.
2choose service

Step 5:
Enter outlook.mail.ufl.edu in the server name text box.
Ensure that the Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked.
3 server settings

Step 6:
Enter your username in the User Name: text box.
4 server sttg usr

Step 7:
Click More Settings.
5 srvr sttg more

Step 8:
The Microsoft Exchange window opens. Click on the Connection tab.
6 connection

Step 9:
Within the Connection Tab, select “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” in the“Outlook Anywhere” section.
7 connect xchg

Step 10:
Click on Exchange Proxy Settings.
8 xchng proxy

Step 11:
Within the Exchange Proxy Settings/Connection Settings, enter mail.ufl.edu as the URL Exchange Server address.
9 url

Step 12:
Select Only connect to proxy servers that have this prinicipal name in their certificate.
10connect only

Step 13:
Enter msstd:mail.ufl.edu for the certificate name.

Step 14:
Select On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP.
12fast ntwrk
Step 15:
Click the down arrow to open the drop down menu of available Proxy Authentication settings.Select Basic Authentication.
13basic auth

Step 16:
Ensure all of the settings are as listed below. Click OK to close Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings window.
14all ok

Step 17:
Click OK to close the Microsoft Exchange window.
15xchng ok

Step 18:
Click Next on the Server Settings window.
15xchng ok

Step 19
The Mail Application window opens. Enter your username and your password.
Click OK.
17windows security

Step 20:
Once the information is verified, click OK.

Step 21:
The required information has been entered successfully. Click Finish.
19 success