Changing Your Password

You can change your password at: if your password:

  • is about to expire
  • has expired
  • or needs to be changed

Step 1:
Select “Change Your Password” link.

chng pswrd0091

Directs you to “Change My Password” screen.

Step 2:
Enter your UFID Number and click “Continue“.

chng pswrd0181A

Step 3:

Select “Accept” to accept the terms as stated on the UF Password Policy Screen.
Click “OK

chng pswrd0361

Step 4.

Enter your current password and click “Go to Change Password“.

chng pswrd0362A

Step 5:

Create a new password within the parameters as shown on below.
Enter it in both the “*New” and “*Confirm” password boxes.

chng pswrd0542A

Step 6:
Click “Change Password“.
chng pswrd0722A

Step 7:

When new password is successfuly accepted, a “Password Changed” Screen appears with a date/time stamp indicating the new expiration date.
Click “OK“.

chng pswrd0812A

You will be redirected to the myUfl home page.

chng pswrd0991