Forwarding UF Exchange Mail

Employees who have an UF Exchange mailbox may request that mail directed to their Exchange email address, which is normally of the format, is forwarded to another address. Normally, this procedure removes the UF Exchange mailbox completely and supplies a forwarding  email address.  Contact your local Local IT Support for assistance with mail forwarding.

Forwarding GatorLink

All employees who have a GatorLink account also have a GatorLink email address of the form If an employee has no other work email address provided by their department, this address is directed to the GatorLink mailbox, accessible at

If the employee has a mailbox on UF Exchange, however, the GatorLink  address is forwarded by policy to their, where dept is the department name on UF Exchange.  Your UF Exchange mailbox is accessible at Please contact your Local IT Support for assistance with email forwarding.

Technical note: Because of the policy and the established mail flow, it does not work well to use both a GatorLink mailbox and a UF Exchange mailbox.  If this is done, mail from outside of UF Exchange will go to the GatorLink mailbox and mail sent by another UF Exchange user will go to the UF Exchange mailbox. This situation also increases the potential for a mail loop.