Governance for UF Exchange

UF Infrastructure Application Advisory Committee

The UF Infrastructure Application Advisory Committe (UF IAAC) includes UF Exchange. Advisory Committee members include university administrators and technical support staff from across the university. The committee meets to develop and make recommendations regarding service levels, features and practices for UF Exchange.

Members Include: Dan Cromer, Chair. Tim Fitzpatrick (ex-officio). C Elwood Aust, Trace Choulat, Erik Deumens, Margaret U Fields, David W Gruber, Jameson D Johnston, Kris Kirmse, Shawn C Lander, Iain P C Moffat,Ellen Nodine, Eric Edward Olson, Lawrence William Oshins,Bill Paine,Kevin Reilly,Barbara L Sedesse,Stephanie Smith,Ann Snowberger,Jennifer S Snowden,Brandon Vega, Willie Chaney,John W Wright,Allen F Wysocki, and Fedro Zazueta.

UF Exchange Team

The UF Exchange Team participates in the construction and maintenance of UF Exchange services. The team includes Iain Moffat, supervisor; James Oulman, Andrew Carey, Joe Gasper, Dan Cromer, Stacy Cason, and Ian Reilly

Other Oversight

Additional UF-wide IT Governance structure and policies can be found at