UF Email Eligibility

UF email services are provided only to current faculty, staff, and students.

Starting Service (Provisioning)

  • Workforce (Faculty/Staff/Employee): Provisioning is currently provided by departmental IT staff.
  • Students: Provisioning for students is performed automatically once the necessary student affiliation is present.

Ending Service (De-provisioning)

  • Workforce: De-provisioning is triggered by departmental IT staff in line with the University and departmental policy. Generally, this is immediately upon departure from employment.
  • Students: Students should not expect UF email services to continue beyond six months after their departure as a current student. This applies to students who graduate or leave under other circumstances.

More information about eligibility and affiliations

For a person to be eligible for UF email and related services, the individual must have a primary affiliation of:

  • Student
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Employee

The following primary affiliations do NOT qualify for UF email and related services:

  • Member
  • Affiliate
  • Contact
  • Alumni

How to find your affiliation

You can find your Primary Affiliation by logging in to the one.uf website and navigating to:

  • Click: “Log in with Gatorlink”
  • once logged in, click the person icon in the top-right corner
  • select “Directory Profile” from the pop-up menu
  • Primary Affiliation is listed in the “Other Attributes” section

The following pages may be helpful in understanding affiliations at UF: