E-mail Configuration for Mac Mail

Required: An E-mail account should aready be created on the UF Exchange Server. Note that these instructions are to be used if you have a wired campus Internet connection or a uf VPN connection.

Basic settings:

  • For Snow Leopard OS (10.6) or later use: mail.ufl.edu for the incoming server address.
  • For Leopard OS (10.5) or earlier use: imap.mail.ufl.edu for the incoming server address.

Note: Instructions feature Snow Leopard OS.

Step 1:
Click on the Mail icon on the Dock

Step 2:
If Mail has already setup an account, please use File > Add Account to get the setup windows up. Otherwise, a screen like the one below will show up. Enter the Full name, Email address and Password. Click Continue.

Step 3:

– Account Type: Exchange
– Description: Your choice, i.e. UF Exchange Mailbox
– Incoming Mail Server: mail.ufl.edu
– User Name: user’s GatorLink username
– Password: GatorLink password
– Please wait while your Mac Mail is ‘Checking connection to Mail Server’

Step 4:
Keep SSL checked.
Authentication: Password

Step 5:
At Outgoing Mail Server, fill in the fields below and then click Continue

– Description: Your choice. i.e. UF Exchange Mailbox
– Outgoing mail server: mail.ufl.edu
Check “Use Authentication”
User name: user’s username
– Password: appropriate password

Step 6:
Enter Email address and click Next

Step 7:
Check the settings on Account Summary and go back to change information if needed. Otherwise, place a check on ‘take account online’ and click Create

You are finished!

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