E-mail Configuration for Microsoft Outlook 2011 (Mac)

Required: An E-mail account should already be created on the Exchange Server 2010, a wired Internet connection on campus or VPN with uf.

Basic settings: mail.ufl.edu (Exchange 2010 mailboxes) for the mail server address

Step 1:
After installing the software, click on Add Account Button (optional: check if you want to make Outlook the default application for e-mail)


Step 1 (Optional):
If you do not see the splash screen above you could go to Tools > Accounts
Step 2:
The Account setup assistant will open, select Exchange Account 


Step 3: Users on Exchange 2010 mailboxes
Enter the email address for Exchange (i.e.: user@ufl.edu)
Enter user name in the as username@ufl.edu format and prefix an UFAD\ (an example is UFAD\user@ufl.edu) 
Enter your password


Step 4:

Click Add Account. Outlook 2011 is now set-up and is getting mail from your Exchange server.

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