E-mail Configuration for Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 (PC)

Required: An E-mail account already created on the Exchange Server, aVPN with uf, or on-campus, wired internet connection.

For configuration after initial download from www.mozillamessaging.com.
For configuration after mailbox has already been created, skip to step 7.

Step 1:
Click Next to follow installation instructions for Set-up Wizard.

Step 2:
The installation Wizard will ask the user which type of account they would like to configure.
Select Standard for automatic installation of the most common options.
Selecting Thunderbird as the default mail application is optional.
Click Next.
setup type

Step 3:
Specify the install location. Thunderbird defaults as shown below. Click Install.
install location

tep 4:
With “Launch Mozilla Thunderbird Now” selected, click Finish to complete the Mozilla Thunderbird Setup Wizard installation process.
setup done

Step 5:
Thunderbird program opens and the Mail Account Setup box will prompt the user for information.
acct setup

  • your first and last name in the “Your Name” box.
  • your “ufl.edu” e-mail address in the corresponding box and
  • create a password for this mail account. Storing this password is optional.

enter mail acct info

Click Continue.

Step 6:

Thunderbird will automatically generate server settings that will need to be modified. Click Create Account.
found settings

Step 7:
Mail folders will open as shown below. Select the “username@ufl.edu” email address.
select email address

Step 8:
Click on View Settings for this Account in the mail window or Account Settings, under the “Tools” drop-down menu.


Step 9:
Ensure “username@ufl.edu” from left hand side column is selected to review individual elements of the configuration process.
manual acct set 1


Step 10:
Ensure Server Settings are as shown below.
Change Server Name to “imap.mail.ufl.edu”.
Change Connection Security to “SSL/TLS”. This will change the Port value to 993.
manual set 2 server rev

Step 11:
Continue through Account Settings and adjust features as desired.

Step 12:
Ensure Outgoing Server settings are as shown below. Click “OK” when done.

Step 13:

Select Inbox. “Welcome to Thunderbird” mail will appear.
welcome to tbird

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