Forwarding UF Exchange Mail

As the old GatorLink email system (UF WebMail) is retired in 2017 all Faculty, Staff, and Employees will have a UF Exchange mailbox.  The standard practice is to have the user’s address configured as the primary email address on the Exchange mailbox and have the user’s Deliver-To address in the UF directory set to to ensure that the address is delivered to UF the user’s mailbox in UF Exchange’s.

“Deliver-To” Address directory setting

The Deliver-To Email Address setting in the UF directory controls the address to which a user’s email address is delivered.  The most typical setting is to set this to is the standard UF Exchange email address, so this will result in your address delivering to your Exchange account.

For more information about the Deliver-To setting, see the UF Identity and Access Management page on Email Provisioning.

Forwarding to a domain other than UF Exchange’s domain

Faculty and Staff are able to set their Deliver-To address to something other than the typical mail domain.  The rules governing this are on the UF IAM Email Provisioning page.

Departmental Addresses within UF Exchange

Departments and colleges with dedicated IT support staff may request that their third-level domain, e.g: be hosted within Exchange.  Currently many third-level domains are supported within Exchange.  Departmental IT staff may then “stamp” departmental addresses on users within their departments.  This allows users to operate as AND simultaneously using the same Exchange mailbox.

In configurations where multiple mail addresses are present on the same mailbox, the “primary SMTP address” setting within Exchange controls:

  1. The default ‘From’ address on messages sent from the mailbox
  2. The email address displayed in the UF Exchange Global Address List

Only IT staff with delegated privileges may alter the “primary SMTP address”.  This is NOT a user configurable setting.