Managing Spam for Proofpoint Users

Note (Feb. 2019): some information in this page will be superseded by the Proofpoint upgrade during Spring 2019  Specifically, please see the updated “Managing Spam for Proofpoint Users after the 2019 upgrade” document

Proofpoint is a SPAM and Virus scanning system that scores incoming mail and either:

  • delivers the mail to your Inbox,
  • delivers the mail to your Junk mail folder,
  • quarantines the mail at, or
  • blocks the flagged email altogether.

Note: You cannot access Proofpoint unless you have received an email message from Proofpoint.

The default system settings deliver most mail to the Inbox or quarantine and block only the highest probability spam.

Every morning, around 7am, a Quarantine Summary email is sent to your Inbox if you have possible spam that is quarantined at To interact with the quarantine you can either use the links in the End User Digest email or point your browser to the Proofpoint web site.

The following options are available to you through both interfaces.

Release–This item delivers the mail to your Inbox.

Blocklist–This adds the sender address to your specific blocklist so that mail from this address will never be delivered.

Delete–This item deletes the selected email. (You cannot recover this message if you change your mind.)

Safelist–This adds the sender address to your specific safelist so that mail from this address will always be delivered.

Using the Quarantine Summary email

The End User Digest summary, the message that arrives in your Inbox, displays new quarantine messages and allows you to interact with your quarantine from your Email client.


Logging into the web interface

Go to

Type your Gatorlink username and password to log in


Quarantine Inbox

The first thing you will see is your Quarantine Inbox where all messages that have been quarantined (kept separate from your inbox) are kept. You can select specific messages by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the message and apply an action from the top menu, for instance “Release”.


For questions about spam settings and scoring in Proofpoint, visit our Proofpoint SPAM Settings and Scoring page.