Searching Archived Attachments

Having a mailbox on UF Exchange entitles you to have an unlimited quota. Since email attachments comprise the majority of mailbox size and often are dormant for large periods of time, they are processed accordingly. MailMeter, an application that complements Microsoft Exchange, stores email attachments. MailMeter manages attachments, storing them for you and retrieving them as you need them. Your mailbox is scanned monthly, and attachments larger than 5K bytes and more than 30 days old will be archived by MailMeter. This keeps everything running smoothly.

Since MailMeter indexes attachments, you can quickly search for your attachments via a web page, The same attachments that are retrieved via can also be retrieved via the corresponding email in a mailbox. Finding attachments using the attachments web site is simple and secure.

The following are some of the search features of the web interface of

  • Search by: Sent/Received
  • Search by: Text
  • Search by: Email Address
  • Filter by: Email/Attachments/Recipients/Senders/Date
  • Filter by: Message/Subject/Attachment Text/Attachment Name
  • Filter by: Number of Messages
  • Filter by: Date Range

Finding Attachments from the Web

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

To search Sent by or Received by: Check the applicable box.

To search by Text: Fill in the free form box.

To search by email Address: Fill in the free form box.

To filter by Email/Attachments/Recipients/Senders/Date: Select the applicable entry.

To filter by Message/Subject/Attachment Text/Attachment Name: Check the applicable box. The number of messages returned can also be set.

To filter by date: Select the applicable date range, and then select the dates. If Less than 30 or 90 is selected, the date fields will be grayed out.

Step 3:

To logout: Select the X.