Blackberry Z10 Configuration with ActiveSync

Step 1:
Swipe right to access the BlackBerry Hub and then tap on the Options menu button in the lower right corner. Tap ‘Settings’ on the Options menu.


Step 2:
Tap ‘Add Account’ button on the bottom of the BlackBerry Hub Settings screen.


Step 3:
Tap the ‘Advanced’ button at the bottom of the Add Account screen.


Step 4:
Tap the ‘Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync’ option from the Advanced Setup screen.


Step 5:     On the ‘Exchange ActiveSync’ screen fill in each item as follows:

  • Description – enter a name to describe this account. For instance ‘UF’.
  • Domain – enter ‘’.
  • Username – enter your gatorlink username.
  • Email Address – your primary SMTP address. For the majority of UF users this would be your gatorlink email address in the form of Some units have their own domains within UF Exchange. In these cases you should enter your departmental email address. Contact your local IT support if you have questions.
  • Password – enter your gatorlink password.
  • Server Address – enter ‘’.
  • Port – enter ‘443’.
  • SSL – set to ‘On’.

When everything is entered tape the ‘Next’ button at the upper right of the screen.


Step 6:
The phone will check the settings with the email server and after a moment you will be prompted to decide what items from the Exchange server you want to sync to your phone. By default Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos are enabled. Make any changes then tap the ‘Done’ button in the upper right.


Step 7:
At this point you are done configuring your Exchange settings. If you have not set a device password you will be prompted to create one now. Enter the password you would like to use and then tap ‘OK’ to continue.