Configuring UF Exchange on Android (Exchange ActiveSync option)

Step 1:
Open the ‘Settings’ app and tap the ‘Accounts & sync’ item.


Step 2:

Tap the ‘Add account’ button at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3: 

Tap the ‘Exchange ActiveSync’ item from the list of account types. If your Android shows Corporate option it is the same type of connection as ActiveSync.


Step 4: 

Tap the ‘Manual Setup’ button in the lower left.


Step 5:

On the ‘Exchange ActiveSync’ screen fill in each item as follows:

  • Email Address – your primary SMTP address. For the majority of UF users this would be your gatorlink email address in the form of Some units have their own domains within UF Exchange. In these cases you should enter your departmental email address. Contact your local IT support if you have questions.
  • Server Address – enter ‘’.
  • Domain – enter ‘’.
  • Username – enter your gatorlink username.
  • Password – enter your gatorlink password.

When everything is entered tape the ‘Next’ button at the lower right of the screen. You may have to scroll up the screen to see this button


Step 6:

Decide what items from the Exchange server you want to sync to your phone. By default Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks are enabled. It is also set to push new items to your phone as they arrive. Make any changes then tap the ‘Next’ button in the lower right.


Step 7:

Give the account setup a name to describe it. For instance ‘UF Exchange’. Tap ‘Finish Setup’ after naming the account.


Step 8:

At this point you are done configuring your Exchange settings. Click your ‘Home’ button to exit the ‘Settings’ app. Once the phone starts to sync the account it will prompt you about the required security policies. Tap ‘OK’ to continue to the description of the policy.


Step 9:

The Exchange security policies that are being set are shown. Tap the ‘Activate’ button in the lower right to accept the policies. If you do not accept these policies your UF Exchange account will not synchronize with your phone.


Step 10:

Once you have enabled the security policies your phone may receive one more notification requesting you to set an unlock passcode. The security policy requires at least a 4 digit PIN or a longer password. The face unlock or pattern drawing methods are not acceptable. Once you have set the PIN or password your account will start to sync to your phone.


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