E-mail Configuration for your Active Sync


Step 1:

On an Active Sync (Windows Mobile Browser) device, click Start and go to Programs


Step 2:

In the Program Menu find and click Active Sync


Step 3:

A new window will open prompting you to sync with your desktop or sync with exchange. Click “set up your device to sync with it


Step 4:

In the Exchange configuration menu, specify the server address

In addition, make sure that SSL server encryption is checked.
Once checked, click Edit Server Settings


Step 5:

In the Edit Server Settings menu, input the following

Your username           Example: agator
Your password            Example: ******
Domain                       ad.ufl.edu (domain for all users)
Click Save Password (this is required) and then click Advanced


Step 6:

Within the Advanced Menu, check the functions that you would like to enable on your Windows Mobile Device


Step 7:

Once you have specified all the settings and functions that you would like to use, you can click Finish to complete the configuration steps for setup


Step 8:

Your Windows Mobile Device will now sync with the Microsoft Exchange Server (this might take a few minutes).


Step 9:

Once your Windows Mobile Device has finished synchronizing with the Microsoft Exchange Server, the server will ask if you want to enforce the security settings for mail.ufl.edu? Click OK


Step 10:

You will now need to click OK to enter a PIN


Step 11:

Enter a 4 digit numerical PIN for the final setup of your Windows Mobile Device. This PIN is user defined and should be something that is easy to remember, but hard for others to guess.


You are now finished and can use your Windows Mobile Device!

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